How Can I Smell Like Perfume All Day?

How Can I Smell Like Perfume All Day

Do you wear perfume, but the scent never lasts all day? Do you have that colleague or friend who tend to keep their morning scent fresh all day? Do you want to learn how to retain your fragrance or scent all day?

Well, if you are an avid perfume wearer, chances are that you keep wondering how you can make your favorite fragrance linger all day. In this article, you will gain insights on how to wear your pricey and best perfume well. Please keep reading.

12 Perfume Tips for Keeping Your Scent All Day

1- Know the contents of your perfume

Before buying your preferred fragrance, it is imperative that you know its contents. Most scents are a mixture of alcohol and various fragrant oils. With that in mind, the strength of your best perfume depends on the ratio or percentage of alcohol mixed with the oil.

Additionally, there is a difference between eau de toilette and eau de parfum. If you want your top notes to last longer, go for eau de parfum. Eau de toilette has mild notes.  

2- Moisturize

If you want the scent of your best cologne to linger all day, the secret is to apply a little bit of your favorite scentless moisturizer before dousing on your perfume.

Vaseline is a great moisturizer. The moisturizer acts as a base, which helps to lock in the fragrance.

3- Concentrate on your pulse points

Pulse points are areas such as your collarbone, cleavage, wrists, inside elbows, behind your ears, and behind your knees. Your pulse points tend to have a warmer temperature than other parts of your body.

With that in mind, spritzing your preferred scent on your pulse points will certainly accentuate your fragrance. To lock in the scent, be sure to apply some vaseline on your pulse points before spritzing.

4- Carry the perfume with you

Do you use an eau de toilette perfume, or work outside the 9-5 schedule? Well, if yes, you might want to carry the perfume with you. Eau de toilette fragrance tends to have less intense notes, which means that it will not last for long.

The easiest way to carry the perfume with you is to buy small perfumes, or travel size perfumes because they consume less space in your bag.

5- Wear your favorite fragrance right after showering

Your body tends to be moist right after stepping out of the shower. Therefore, the best time to wear your preferred scent is right after taking a warm shower.

This helps to lock in the fragrance, thus making it last longer. Be sure to moisturize your body with some Vaseline, or your scentless moisturizer.

6- Don’t dab

Have you been rubbing your wrists together after spraying your fragrance? Well, rubbing your wrists tends to kill the top notes of your scent, which means it will not last long.

With that in mind, it is advisable that you do not, and I repeat do not rub in your perfume.

7- Select potent scents

As mentioned earlier, all scents are not the same. Citrusy fragrances tend to evaporate quickly. However, woody or spicy scents with sandalwood notes tend to stick on longer.

Additionally, floral or sweet scents tend to last longer. So, if you’re looking to buy a fragrance with longevity, it is advisable that you get a scent that is in the above categories.

8- Spray your lotion

If you want your scent to linger on for longer, mix your lotion with some perfume. Your lotion will not only have a designer fragrance at no cost, but it will match the scent of your perfume, which will increase your fragrance.

9- Store your perfume correctly

Have you been keeping your fragrance in a humid area? Well, dampness and heat can interfere with the molecular structure of your scent. Consequently, it is advisable that you store your fragrance in a cool and dark place.

10- Spritz the fragrance on your hair

Spraying your favorite scent on your hair will make it linger all day long. However, it is advisable that you do not spray your hair too often because the alcohol in your fragrance can dry out your hair.

Another option would be to spray your hairbrush before combing your hair.

11- Spritz some cotton balls with your fragrance

If you do not want to carry the perfume with you because the bottle is probably too big, you can pack some scented cotton buds. That way, you will be able to carry the perfume with you albeit not in its original bottle.

Additionally, you will be able to re-apply your favorite fragrance at your convenience.

12- Spritz the fragrance on your accessories

Are you still wondering how you can smell like perfume all day? Well, why not maximize the scent by spritzing it on your scarf or hat, for instance.

Parting Shot!

If you want to keep your favorite scent lingering for longer, carry the perfume with you. Small perfumes are certainly very good because they fit well in the bag.

However, if you do not want to carry the perfume with you, you can rest assured that the above tips will keep you smelling sweet until the next time you’re taking a shower.

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